My father, Stan, was a survivor of the Lancastria.

19.6.40 He sent a message to his fiancee, Phyllis, to say he was ok. "I am alive and well after a slight adventure..."

25.6.40 he wrote again "the transport was hit and I had to swim for it, I was in the water over an hour. JC as far as I know has gone.. I'm sorry you could not see me when or just after it happen, as I was covered in oil and clothed only in a shirt, I hope you would not have been shocked....

After the war, he related to my husband that although he was unable to swim, he trod water for 40 minutes until he was rescued.The largest loss of life on a ship in the War and kept a secret....My Great Grandfather, Fred, buried the Lacock Abbey Charter to keep it safe during the war. It was recovered and now resides in the British Museum. He can be seen at the National Trust exhibition at Lacock where he is in his best suit as Matilda Fox-Talbot's Agent.My Mum, Phyllis, survived the Bath Blitz, got married in the church in King Edward Road, before it was blitzed. Kept her ability to 'make the best of things' all her life. I was christened in the rebuilt church in 1950.